WATCH: Man Wins $20,000 Dollars On Family Feud And Steve Harvey Says That’s Not Enough…

Steve Harvey has to be one of the most charming, quick-witted and charismatic celebrities out there today. He’s a great fit as host of The Family Feud and has been the face of the show since 2010. He’s in good company with previous hosts like Richard Dawson and Louis Anderson. The show can be quite emotional as families do their best to answer questions and try to match the most popular answers on the board.

Recently, Steve met a contestant who seemed a lot more nervous than most other folks who’ve participated on the show. Seems he was sweating quite a bit; so much so that the producers asked him to change his shirt. According to Steve, “He had played three days and he didn’t win the money and he was just a wreck.” Luckily, after the third day, they did win, and they won big. $20,0000! Harvey recalls the moment, “He just fell on his knees and he wouldn’t stop crying.” When the show took a commercial break, Steve asked him what was going on, and yes, $20,000 is a lot of money, but why was his reaction so very emotional. Turns out the nervous, sweaty contestant was terminally ill and did not have long to live.

He explained, “Steve, I’m terminally ill. I’ve got three months to live and because of my illness, I can’t get insurance. I need this money for my family.” Steve was so touched by his story and situation, he immediately offered the family an additional $25,000. Such a wonderfully generous gift; it changed the life of this family and of course, isn’t going to take away the pain of their inevitable loss, but it certainly helped ease that mans’ mind and heart, knowing his family was going to be left in a better financial position.