Few Tablespoons of this Remedy May Alleviate Sciatic Pain in Record Time

There is nothing like constant and striking sciatic nerve pain. It can hurt sitting or laying down, not to mention how it interferes with your exercise routine and daily tasks. If only there was a natural remedy to stop sciatic nerve pain in its tracks…

Oh, wait! There is an amazing turmeric-garlic-honey mix that can be a true game-changer! But first, we must understand what even is this pain we are dealing with?
What is Sciatic Nerve Pain?
The sciatic nerve stretches from your lower back running through your hips, buttocks, legs all the way to your feet. It is not only the longest nerve in your body, but it is responsible for major and minor movements, and flexibility.

When this important nerve gets irritated or inflamed, it leads to pain, burning, tingling and numbness. In some cases it is mild, in others it is severe.
How is Sciatic Nerve Pain Treated?
Traditionally, sciatic nerve pain is treated with NSAIDs to numb your pain. In some more severe cases, steroid injections may be used as well. Physical therapy and chiropractic care can help with structural issues to dissolve the issues long-term. (1)

Natural Remedy for Sciatic Nerve Pain
Turmeric, garlic and honey are all potent, natural agents that fight inflammation and pain. Rice and almond milk are healthy plant-milks that serve as a fantastic thickener in this recipe. (2, 4, 5, 6) If you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, you don’t just have to rely on medication. You can relieve pain and lower inflammation with this natural remedy.
3 teaspoons of turmeric powder
5 garlic cloves
1 cup of rice or almond milk

Peel and wash the garlic cloves.
Blend them in a blender.
Add the turmeric and milk – blend again.
Add honey if you want to add some sweetness.
Take a tablespoon twice a day to reduce sciatic pain in your body. As a bonus, it can be helpful for other aches and illness, such as colds, the flu, or headaches.

How did you like this remedy? Do you have other tips to help sciatic nerve pain? Share in the comments below, let’s exchange ideas!